Students’ Achievements

Student achievements:

The self assessment tests which indicate the students’ achievement showed that:

  1. a) In reading section in the range of 400-800, 20% of the students 2 years ago, while they became 51% last year
  2. b) In writing section in the range of 500-800, 30% of the students 2 years ago, while they became 36% last year.
  3. c) In Math section in the range of 540-800, 53% of the students 2 years ago, while slight decrease 52% of the students last year


On GPA grades for students who achieved “A” grade in the quarter exams 2 years ago, compared to the last year.


  1. a) Math: 54.9% of the students 2 years ago, while they became 65.5% last year
  2. b) Science: 62% of the students 2 years ago, while they became 76.4% last year
  3. c) Social studies: 49.1% of the students 2 years ago, while they became 50.4% last year


Sports achievements:

We’re proud with our students contributing in various sports activities.  Many of our students have been awarded in both national and international level, this include basketball, handball, volleyball, karate, fencing, swimming and athletics.  Nationally the students were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd places; internationally the biggest achievement was in swimming category winning 3rd place in Germany and in African Championship with the result of winning 2nd place.


School voluntary work:

Our school is actively participating in number of social activities.  The school social team is visiting number of social institutions like: orphanages, nursing houses, hospitals to provide the necessity to its tenants.  After identifying the needs of the needy, the visits are arranged on regular basis.  The items are in variation of gifts, financial support, clothes, and medicine.

During the month of April social team is organizing special event day for orphanage children by taking them to a recreational place for fun.  During the Holy month of Ramadan the team offers distribution of food to the needy.  Due to a heavy winter season the clothes is collected and distributed to the poor.  School team is also supporting any internal problem within the class and students who are facing any social problems themselves.

Another social team involvement is by conducting a lessons for students in the school to make them more aware of the social problems in the community as a whole and convince them that to give more is a good thing and we shall always give not only take.



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