School History


El Zahraa Language School was founded by Mr. Ibrahim M. Issa in 1993 as a language school under the national system.
The school is located in Janaklees District, Alexandria, Egypt.

In 2006/ 2007, the school administration launched the American Division, starting with two classes including 28 students of grades 10 and 11 and reached 17 classes in 2023/ 2024 with 342 students in grades 10 to 12.


ZAS is located in Janaklees District; in the center of Alexandria. Therefore, the school is easily reached via all means of transportation. In addition, more buses are added yearly for a better transportation service.
The school is located in a very quiet area, away from the noise of traffic. In addition, the area in which the school is located is sparsely populated and considered a high-class area.

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