SAT Regulations


  • SAT Trials:
  • The school starts to prepare students for the New SAT from grade 9 through SAT sessions during the day and school SAT trials and PSAT which are organized as the real trials the students take outside the school.
  • Score calculations for SAT trials normally start from Grade 11. SAT trials are required for college admissions into either state-funded universities, private universities, or else universities overseas.
  • SAT trials embrace: SAT 1 in English Language and Math, and SAT 2 in Math 2 (level 1 or level 2) + Physics or Biology or Chemistry.
  • SAT 1 and SAT 2 trials are international examinations set by collegeboard.
  • Trial fees are determined, every year, as per informed by collegeboard.
  • Trials due dates:
  • October (SAT 1-SAT2)
  • November (SAT 2)
  • December (SAT 1-SAT2)
  • March (SAT1)
  • May (SAT 1-SAT2)
  • June (SAT 2)


  • American Diploma candidates will have the right to attend the SAT set of trials in Grade 11 then in Grade 12 (twelve) times.
  • Failing in SAT 2 will cause admission denial to the practical colleges (private or governmental.


  • Admission to the Egyptian State-Funded universities requires SAT 1 minimum Score 1050 / 1600 at least.
  • Admission to the practical colleges requires SAT 2 score minimum of 1100/ 1600 (due to the tansike office booklet)


  • Admission Requirements for the Egyptian Private Colleges:


Concerning the Egyptian Private Colleges, everyone has its own requirements so you can ask and get the information you need from the college itself.

  • Force Academy requires SAT 1 minimum score 1050/1600 and SAT 2 minimum score 1100 / 1600, and students have to study GPA subject (i.e. Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Advanced Math).


  • Military and Police Academies that provide a Bachelor Degree in Military Sciences or Law require only an SAT 1 minimum score of 1050 / 1600 SAT 2 score is not required.
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