To the Students…

This Student Handbook may at first seem complicated and detailed. However, you should always remember this simple and basic rule: success in school is usually a matter of making proper choices in critical situations. You may face circumstances and problems that will seem overwhelming to you, but if you use sound judgment, ask for help when you need it and do your part to support the school rules. Success can be yours. You can begin by asking yourself four simple but essential questions:

(1) What are my personal choices?

(2) Who can help me?

(3) What will happen if I fail to abide by the rules and regulations?

(4) What will happen if I obey all the rules and regulations?

  • What are my personal choices?

You must accept the responsibility for your own behavior and respect the rights of others. The mastery of self-control is the most important requirement for success in school. Once you have made these important personal choices, you can appreciate how success is tied to attending all classes, following directions and refusing alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

  • Who can help me?

Each employee in the school is committed to do everything possible to make your learning environment comfortable and productive. School advocates are available to help you through meaningful instructions, to give effective guidance in making social and career choices, to keep your building clean and functioning, to keep unwanted people and materials out, and to provide services such as transportation and extracurricular activities. This is available to you. All you need to do is ask for it. (Refer to advocacy chart page 44)

  • What will happen if I fail to abide by the rules and regulations?

Failing to abide by the rules will result in some form of disciplinary action. Depending on the seriousness or frequency of the violation, the discipline may vary from simple teacher detention to suspension or recommendation for expulsion. Remember, failing to follow the rules may result in your failing to receive an education. (Refer to punishment policy page 18)

  • What will happen if I obey all of the rules?

The ability to start and finish something successfully is a very positive character trail. Not only does it say that you are rational, mature, and dependable, but it also says that to prospective employers as well. Following the rules means a successful graduation. (Refer to rewarding policy pages 19,20)

student-Parent handbook (2023-2024)

student-Parent handbook (2023-2024)

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