Hello from the “Heart of the school”… this is your librarian…

Imagine the body without the Heart.  Imagine the school without the library.  Is it possible? In the 21st century, our technology develops and we all use the telephones, computers other advanced equipment, where we can simply download the books and read them.  But is it the same as physically holding the book, smell it, touch it? No it’s not, definitely not.  That’s the reason we shall never think about the idea of removing the libraries from the schools, and pay more importance in preserving it and use it to a maximum level.

Our school is one of the luckiest ones to have this privilege.  The library is young and still growing, trying to provide best assistance, instructions and leadership in identification, location and use of all the gathered resources for students’ and staff as well to provide the students not only with the material covered by the curriculum but also for their own recreational reading.

So, my message to you is:

“Enter the magic room, the books can make you whomever you want, and take you wherever you like, free of charge”…

Don’t hesitate, take the free flight to your own experience and journey…

Only with your help the “Heart” of the school will beat stronger…

Yours Sincerely,


The library is open within the school day starting at 7.30am to 2.45pm.

To widen your knowledge and help you in developing your reading, writing and speaking skills please access the following sites:

Science and not only:


Other interests:

Learning languages:

Other online newspapers and magazines

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