Health Clinic

During Covid-19 pandemic the school appointed Health team members who are responsible for supervision and cleanliness at school, focusing on the performance of the cleaning staff, and all employees following the safety procedures.  The main point of the safety is to follow DDM practice which stands for DISTANCE, DISINFECTING AND MASK.

All the students and staff are instructed to wear the masks at all time while at school property. In case students cough and sneeze they should do so into a tissue or elbow & avoid touching face, eyes, mouth and nose. The disinfection soup is provided in each floor for everyone’s use.  In addition, students are requested to bring their own disinfectants to take care of themselves more during the sessions.  In between the sessions the cleaning staff is disinfecting the table of each student, and at the end of school day, each class is fully disinfected and cleaned.  The class is kept ventilated at all times.

Students and parents are advised that if they see any symptoms related to the Covid-19 pandemic such as, fever, cough, shortness of breath they are requested to stay at home.  In addition the parents are requested to teach and model good hygiene practices, wash hands with soap and safe water frequently.

In case the sick student is identified in the classroom, a procedure applies:

  • The student is escorted to the clinic by the floor supervisor after returning to the floor’s deputy to give a written permission
  • A report is written on the student’s case
  • The student’s parents are informed to come and take the student from the school
  • Student waits for their parents in the school clinic (one student in one ventilated room)

As soon as the student leaves the clinic:

  • The class, floor and the clinic are properly sanitized and disinfected
  • The report is completed and placed in the health and safety file for reference.

After sickness and period for at least 14 days, when student wants to come back to the school and attend the sessions with other classmates the NEGATIVE PCR test has to be provided to the school administration and placed in the safety file for reference.

The same procedures apply for any school member who went through the Covid-19 to be sure and prevent spreading of the disease.

We all have to remember; we are all in this together…

Prevent the spread, follow the procedures.

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